Also Known as Burt
Class Level Commander
Weapon Bird Sly-bird
Appeared in All Episodes
Played by Bob McFadden

Commander Stargazer is the old man of the SilverHawks and is basically the guy that watches over the Miraj. He has a gold suit.


Stargazer seems to be from Chicago[1] predating Limbo. He has been out in Limbo some 300 years, and was the one to get Mon*Star back to the Penal Planet after his first break. It is hinted at in many places during the series that he was about to retire[1] when Mon*Star got free again.

Because of his age and disposition, he seems to be somewhat old and cranky.  He mostly plays a support and mentor role to the younger Silverhawks, but is still capable of getting into the thick of things and coming out on top.


Commander Stargazer is a professional detective and officer of the law.  His expanded life span has given him a depth of knowledge and experience that truly makes him a formidable opponent.  He has an arsenal of weapons and equipment gathered over the centuries to deal with most threats.  Stargazer is an older model of Silverhawk cyborg, with no wings or built in weapons.  He still possesses enhanced physcial abilities and the increase in longevity of the other Silverhawks.  In addition, his telescoping, camera lens like eye gives him advanced vision.  However, he lacks any means of built in transportation or weapons to defend himself.  He compensates with being an excellent shot with a hand gun and a skilled rider on top of his space cycle, which has a built in blaster. 


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