Sky Shadow is the "bird" partner of Mon*Star.


The success of Tallyhawk versus the mob created plenty of trouble for Mon*Star and his minions.  In response, Hardware brought in a sky shadow, a red skinned gargoyle creature.  He then used his technical skills to convert it into a cyborg.  Tallyhawk was captured and brought in so some of his components could be transferred or copied into Sky Shadow.  The SilverHawks managed to rescue Tallyhawk before the process was complete and Tallyhawk defeated Sky Shadow in an aerial brawl. 

Sky Shadow was down, but not destroyed.  He would return several times, filling a role much like Tallyhawk's except serving the mob.  In one episode, Sky Shadow was used as the basis for a robotic army, an army of Sky Shadows, and in another a giant Sky Shadow was created.


Sky Shadow is a effectively a dark version of Tallyhawk.  He can fly in and out of a planet's atmosphere, and across the space of Limbo.  He can send transmissions of what he sees back to the mob, though his signals appear to be like Mon*Star's eye blasts.  In combat, he attacks with red lasers from his eyes, opposed to the blue lasers of Tallyhawk, and attacks with his jaws and the claws built into his wings, compared to the talons of Tallyhawk.