SilverHawks Comic #6
Comic Book Release Date June 1988
Publisher Star Comics (under Marvel Comics)
Story Writer(s) Steve Perry
Penciler(s) Howard Bender
Inker(s) Fred Fredericks
Colorist(s) Evelyn Stein
Letterer(s) Rick Parker
Editor(s) Don Daley
Chief Editor Tom DeFalco

SilverHawks Comic #6 "A Few Laughs With The Old Crowd" is the sixth known entry in the SilverHawks Comic Book Series. It is one of the three comics that has a exclusive story not based on the animated series episode.



While stopping a Mob robbery, Stargazer gets caught by the mob. They then use him to get away. Then he gets a invite to Earth to get a new body.


  • The new body (code name Fastback) that Stargazer was going to get, later is the same body for Flashback.


  1. page 22, bottom panel
  2. page 19, top panel (blue limo)
  3. page 19, top panel (blue limo)

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