SilverHawks Comic #1
Comic Book Release Date August 1987
Publisher Star Comics (under Marvel Comics)
Story Writer(s) Steve Perry
Penciler(s) Mike Witherby
Inker(s) Jim Sanders III
Colorist(s) John Wellington
Letterer(s) Jack Morelli
Editor(s) Howard Mackie
Chief Editor Jim Shooter

SilverHawks Comic #1 "The Origin Story" is the first of seven known entries in the SilverHawks Comic Book Series. It is a comic book version of episodes The Origin Story and Journey To Limbo. It also includes elements of episode Window in Time.




  • On one panel Rawlings[2] seems to have a grey beard. This is clearly a mistake as all other panels he appears in he doesn't have one.


  1. page 8, middle panel
  2. page 13, middle right panel
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