Also Known as Cabby

Seymour is a neutral third party cabby that mostly operated in the Limbo Galaxy. Most of the time he is accompanied by Zeek the Beak.

Biography Edit

Seymour is an honest Taxi driver that works in the Galaxy of Limbo. He has a hard time making some money at times since a whole lot of people have their own ships. But when there is something that happens he either picks up a member of the mob or does something for one of the good people in the galaxy. But when Hardware and Mumbo Jumbo called him a name while they were attacking the steel twins Seymour decided to help the twins by using the polarity reversal device to cancel out Hardware's magnetic beam that held the twins captive.

Appearances on show Edit

His first appearance on the show was in the episode titled "Stop Timestopper" when Timestopper stole the vehicle that molecular and Mumbo Jumbo was flying in they got into Seymour's cab and told him "Take us to Brimstar!", then in the episode Magnetic Attraction is when Steel Heart was instructed to pick up Pokerface and take him to jail and they used Seymour's cab as the means of transport. Then at other times Seymour would appear to either bring things to the Hawks like messages from Lord Cash and in one episode a video showing all the hawks being captured by the Bounty Hunter. After a while Commander Stargazer told Seymour that he is never to offer rides to members of the mob because of how it would make him linked to being involved with one of the crimes. Later on Seymour got to be friends with Zeke the Beak and they rode together in the cab.