Rayzor is Steelwill's bird partner.


After the creation of Sky Shadow, the SilverHawks created avian partners to assist them. These four robotic birds were called the Fighting Hawks.  Rayzor is one of the four Fighting Hawks, created to respond to greater threats of the Limbo Mob. He was created to specifically support Steelwill.


Rayzor is steel gray robotic hawk, similar to Stronghold but bulkier, that matches his partner.  He can fly through a planet's atmosphere or in the "space" of Limbo.  He can transform into "a flying tomahawk", though battle ax may be more accurate.  His wings separate from the body at the shoulders, bending to the side to form the blades, while his neck extends slightly and his tail fans to form another blade.  He sometimes glows blue before or during the transformation.  Once transformed, he spins at hight speeds, creating a whirling cutting kill zone for anything in his path.  His mental circuitry mimicks his partners, creating a bond similar to the one shared between Steelwill and his sister.  This enables Steelwill to summon him with a strong enough thought.