Mumbo Jumbo
Class Level Strong Man
Weapon Bird Airshock
Appeared in Most Episodes
Played by Peter Newman

Mumbo Jumbo is the Strong Man of the Mon*Star gang.


Mumbo Jumbo is one of Mon*Stars most frequently used henchman.  He is usually on Brimstar, but is also often in Poker Face's casino, acting as security.  He is typically used to guard or support another member of the Limbo Mob, often accompanying Hardware as a bodyguard of sorts.  His strength is often used to handle heavy equipment or stolen goods.  He also frequently works with Buzz-Saw, the two combining their talents for destruction into a more powerful combination.

It is never explained what Mumbo Jumbo is, whether alien, robot, or some kind of bio mechanical android.  The last may be the closest though, as he lacks many of the features of the series' robots, he was still shown plugged into a recharging chair alongside Poker Face in one episode.


Mumbo Jumbo is very strong and tough.  His most frequently displayed ability is to alter his physcial size and to a limited degree his form.  His body can be muscular but more or less human, which he will use when in disguise or recharging, but he can enlarge his body, gaining height and mass to become a heavily muscled, body builder form.  He can further increase his size and mass, and change his shape to a more bull like structure.  In this form, he acts almost exactly like a bull.  It is unclear if his bull like over muscled form can even stand up like a human.  He has also been known to shoot laser like beams from his eyes. The jewel like feature on his forehead can change colors depending upon his mind set. When calm or in humanoid form, it is blue and he shoots blue beams from his eyes. When enraged or in bull mode, it is red and he shoots red beams from his eyes.  In the intro it appears he can snort fire through his nostrils. 

He is somewhat skilled at using his partner bird as both a tool and a weapon.  Despite his normal role as muscle, he has been also shown to be smart enough to do undercover work as well as help out in some of Hardware's projects.  Uniquely, he is the only humanoid character who appears unable to speak in the human language, though many characters have no trouble understanding him.