Class Level Gunner
Item/Weapon Sound Smasher
Appeared in Most Episodes
Played by Maggie Wheeler

Melodia is a Gunner in Mon*Star's gang and the only female villain.


She at the beginning of the series was a great powerhouse for Mon*Star and would actually enjoy her job.[1]

However, later in the season her loyalty seemed to have fallen into question. She had turned on Mon*Star two times, once with Yes-Man,[2] and later with Poker-Face.[3] However, she seems to be the type that always wants protection, even though she is quite powerful herself. So, Mon*Star has forgiven her both times, as he knows her weakness and her abilities are greatly needed.


She uses a Keytar/ a moveable musical synthesizer called a "Sound Smasher". The lazer is a pink color of sheet music with music notes. There is one occasion when her lazer music was white as she had turned good.[4]


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  2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  3. Gangwar (Part 1)
  4. Switch