Weapon Bird Gyro
Appeared in Hotwing Hits Limbo
Countdown to Zero
Melodia's Siren Song
Eye of Infinity
The Illusionist
The Bounty Hunter Returns
Junkyard Dog
Sneak Attack (Part 1)
Battle Cruiser (Briefly)
Small World
The Harder They Fall
Uncle Rattler (Briefly)
Zeek's Power
Played by Adolph Caesar

Hotwing is the gold colored SilverHawk introduced in episode Hotwing Hits Limbo.


He is a Squadron Leader in Rank. Not much is known about Hotwing's history, but he is an invaluable asset to the SilverHawks. He is a magician and showman, both in terms of personality and ability.


Hotwing is a SilverHawk, a law enforcement officer that has undergone a cyborg makeover in order to withstand the effects of hyper space travel. This grants him superior speed, strength, and agility. He has a hawk like face cover for when flying or fighting. He has the standard wings and other abilities of the main characters. His unique feature is the gem in his forehead. He can focus energy through it to achieve a wide variety of effects. He is  a skilled magician, and can use his talent for misdirection as well as "mystical" abilities to confuse his enemies.