Also Known as Cabby

Lord Cash is the man in charge of Planet Dolar that handles all the bank accounts of everyone in the Galaxy of Limbo.

Biography Edit

He has to keep a tight security system because there are many times that the mob will try to rob the bank. One of the times early in the show Hardware invented a robotic cyborg called Darkbird that was almost a double mint twin to Quicksilver to attack Lord Cash and help the mob rob the bank. Then when there was a race across the galaxy Lord Cash was standing on a podium to give a speech while the drivers went by his planet. But as Bluegrass got near in the hotseat the mob started to rob the bank and Lord Cash had to call for help and Bluegrass stopped two members of the mob from stealing a truck load of gold. Then later on Lord Cash decided to tighten security by getting a special robot that would lock the vaults and send the unlocking code out into space until the next morning.