Also Known as T. Boone Pickens
Class Level Colonel
Weapon Bird Sideman
Item/Weapon Hot Licks
Appeared in Most Episodes
Played by Larry Kenney

Bluegrass is the second in command and the pilot of the SilverHawks.


Bluegrass was a Colonel before undergoing the SilverHawk process and assigned to protect Limbo. His bird partner is Sideman.


Bluegrass is a SilverHawk, a human law enforcement officer modified into a cyborg to withstand the effects of hyper travel through space. This grants him enhanced physical abilities, such as strength, agility, and speed. He has a hawk like face plate that covers his face. Unlike the other Silverhawks, he has no built in weapons or wings.  Bluegrass is the pilot of the Maraj. Instead of built in lasers, he uses his guitar Hot Licks as both a pilot aid and as a weapon, as it fires blue energy notes. Sometimes he does command the silverhawks.[1]


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