Airshock is the partner of Mumbo Jumbo.


Airshock appears to be a bird like robot.  His origins are unknown.  All that is known is that he works with Mumbo Jumbo both as a weapon and as a tool.


Airshock is a transforming machine, transforming between a bird form and a hammer form. Airshock attacks by flying in close and then transforming into hammer form and pounding his target.   In bird form, he has a thin body with two jets in his wings, giving him the ability to accelerate quickly.  He is somewhat fast but not agile, much like his partner.  In his hammer form, he resembles a large mallet with the twin jets on his wings coming together to from the head.  Mumbo Jumbo uses him as a tool as well as a weapon in this form, when he is calm enough to do so.  Mumbo Jumbo can also throw the hammer to give Airshock a speed boost when chasing after a flying enemy.